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What Are the Main Benefits of Smart Lighting Control?

Discover How Smart Lighting Can Transform Your Los Angeles Home

What Are the Main Benefits of Smart Lighting Control?

Smart lighting control is one of the most popular home automation features, allowing residents to customize their home’s atmosphere by adjusting brightness, color temperature, and, in some instances, the hue of their lighting fixtures. A home automation system like Control4 makes it easy to change the lighting configuration of your spaces, giving you the ability to adjust multiple fixtures at once to transform the ambiance in various rooms.

Read on to learn the different ways smart lighting control enhances your Los Angeles home.




Control from Any Smart Device

Your lights do so much more than turn on and off, so you’re going to need more than an on/off switch to control them. You have a number of control options for your smart lighting system with Control4. You can have a wall-mounted or portable touchscreen (or a combination of both), but what makes this control system so convenient is that you can access it from an app on your smartphone or tablet. If you have your phone, you have a remote.


Create Specific Scenes

You’re cooking in the kitchen, then eating in the dining room, then watching a movie in the living room. You’re going to change the lights to suit the mood for each of those events, but with smart lighting control, all that takes is pushing a button that immediately adjusts the lights to your preferred settings.

Whether you’re waking up, cooking, dining, entertaining, or headed to bed, you can create a scene that will take care of both the lighting and any other automated technology you want at that time. Watch the video below to see just how simple it is to create a lighting scene with your Control4 smart home system.



Energy Savings

If you’re nervous about what smart lighting will do to your energy bill, you can relax knowing that the system will actually save you money because now you can monitor your home’s energy usage and make appropriate changes to lower it. No more leaving lights on overnight. Activate your bedtime scene to turn off all the lights in your home.

Do your kids have a bad habit of leaving lights on when they exit a room? Occupancy sensors can automatically shut off the lights if there's nobody in it for a certain period. By controlling brightness, you’ll be able to use less energy without leaving your house in the dark, and those added control features lower your carbon footprint.


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