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How Control4 Can Help You Build A Better Home

Learn Why Builders Should Pay Attentions to Home Automation Systems

How Control4 Can Help You Build A Better Home

Smart home technology is a rapidly growing market, and current industry studies expect revenue to double within the next five years. More and more people are requesting smart home control technology for new construction projects, and your business will miss lucrative opportunities if it isn’t prepared to meet those demands. Control4 is the industry leader when it comes to whole-house automation brands, giving users the opportunity to control AV, lights, temperature, locks and sensors, and security cameras with an intuitive central system. Read on to learn why you should turn to Control4 automation to elevate your builds in the Westlake Village.


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Create the Optimal Living Space

Control4 is dedicated to creating atmospheres that offer full support to homeowners and their families, and their smart home technology is in hundreds of thousands of homes worldwide. This is where their vision aligns with architects, builders, designers, and developers, who strive to create homes that offer maximum comfort, security, and functionality. A Control4 system also streamlines design, eliminating unsightly wall clutter with a single sleek keypad that meshes beautifully with the overall aesthetic.

Bring Individual Devices Together

Home buyers are looking for ways to bring all their devices together, and with Control4 they can switch easily between streaming services, automated lighting, climate control, and other smart home technology. A Control4 home automation system connects these separate elements with a clean, straight-forward interface that turns any smartphone or tablet into a control panel. Gone are the days of looking for a remote, and your clients will appreciate the simplicity and sophistication. Check out the video below to see the smoothness of the Control4 system in action:



Personalize Smart Home Control

One of the best features of Control4 home automation technology is the ability to program specific scenes that will activate multiple services at the same time. You can set a morning routine program that will wake you up with your favorite playlist, raise blinds to let the sunshine in, and adjust the thermostat for the most comfortable temperature. Having friends over for a movie? Program a scene that dims the lights, turns on the TV, and activates a surround sound system.

Protect your property by connecting sensors to outdoor lights, cameras, and sound. If there's an unwanted visitor, lights will immediately turn on, an audio warning will announce that you've contacted the authorities, and you'll be able to monitor your property from the Control4 app so you can keep an eye without putting yourself or your family in danger.

Families with children on the autism spectrum can use Control4 automation to create a sensory-friendly environment with softer lights and sound. If a child leaves their room in the middle of the night, the lights in the master bedroom can turn on to let parents know that their attention is needed.


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A Control4 home automation system is fully customizable to meet the specific needs of your client, and you can boost your business by offering this comprehensive service. For more information on how Control4 can enrich the lives of your Los Angeles customers, contact one of our specialists at (877) 248-2878 or by filling out our online form.

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